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Joanna Eden is one of the biggest reasons that I am a singer. She gave me the confidence and encouragement to push myself even through crippling performance anxiety. She helped me understand the physical science behind my voice and how to use it and set such a strong basis for me to become a full time singer and artist. I still think of what she taught me 10 years later.

Ah I'm so thrilled for you Ellie! You were a bright and incredibly musical teen but soooo shy! And now look at you! A completely liberated artist with 200K+ followers and a great record deal! Finding out that you were on the same bill as @threeyearsyounger made me feel SO proud as I had taught you all at some point! Enjoy your inevitable success!


"Joanna is a wonderful and inspiring person to work with. She has always encouraged me and my confidence for performance and songwriting and pushed me to be a better singer and performer."


"Jo is a huge supporter of new, emerging talent and we’re forever grateful for all of the support she has given us over the years. Alongside this, she is a highly skilled and encouraging singing teacher."

"Jo you are one of reasons Sam is where he is today. You always allowed Sam that freedom to try new ideas and to sing with a freedom and total enjoyment. I'll always be grateful for that.

Love always, Fred."

Sam Smith's Dad

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