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Welcome to Singspired! 

I want you to have a wonderful experience, finding your unique voice!  Let's do this!  Just hit the subscribe button below to subscribe safely via Stripe.  Any questions?  Just hit the contact button to message me directly.  Want to unsubscribe at any time?  No problem your subscription stops whenever you like at no further expense!  Let's sing!"

Joanna Eden, Singer-songwriter & Singspired Creator

So... what's happens after I subscribe to Singspired?


Within 4 hours of subscribing via Stripe you will receive your first SINGSPIRED email containing learning tips and links to your first video lesson with Joanna and downloadable exercise checklist and Singspired Blog Post.


Every week at the same time, you will receive the next lesson from Joanna along with more tips, unique exercise checklists and posts from Joanna's Singspired Blog to inspire you with stories and tips from great singers past and present.


If you experience any problems enjoying the Singspired content each email will contain useful tips and a contact email address for support.



After a few weeks you will have the option to upgrade to the BESPOKE or MENTORSHIP levels of Singspired.

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ready to sing?

Let me show you that your body already knows how to sing!  Singing is your human right so why not start today!

Joanna x

BASIC Singspired

$14.99/month for:-

  • Weekly lessons

  • Blog post

  • Lesson / Practise Guide

BESPOKE Singspired

$35/month for:-

  • Weekly lessons

  • Blog post

  • Lesson / Practise Guide

  • Interaction with Joanna

  • Bespoke Lesson Plan

  • Reduced rate for webinars


$45/month for:-

  • Weekly lessons

  • Blog post

  • Lesson / Practise Guide

  • Bespoke Lesson Plane

  • Mentorship Level Lessons

  • Free Webinars

  • Reduced Rate 1:1 Lessons

So... how much will Singspired?cost?

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